• Atayne


    For your mission of producing great technical gear from 100% recycled fabric and in your sponsorship of the Ultras, we wear you Atayne. Thanks.

  • Injinji



  • Fuel 100

    Fuel 100


  • Ultrarunning Matters

    Ultrarunning Matters

    Thank you for providing a fantastic aid station at the Rock Pile.

  • The Ithaca Triathlon Club

    Ithaca Triathlon Club

    Thank you to all the members of the ITC who've supported us thus far as volunteers. Thank you for officially volunteering to take on sponsoring the The Crux AS. That’s a pretty challenging spot for all entrants and I’m stoked to have you at the helm of providing them support.

  • The Finger Lakes Runners Club

    Finger Lakes Runners Club

    For setting the running stage in Ithaca and blazing the trails in Virgil. To Maria and Gary, Laura and Scott, thanks so much for creating Daisy Hollow the past few years. To the Club at large, can’t thank you enough for being up for officially sponsoring the Hitching Post AS this year and for the lending of your equipment as needed over the past few years. You’re wonderful.

  • The Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company

    Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company

    For allowing me to follow my passions and realize my visions. Thank you.

  • Virgil Fire Department

    Virgil Fire Department


  • #TrailsRoc


    Thank you for taking on the Hurt Locker AS

  • Greek Peak Mountain Resort

    Greek Peak Mountain Resort

    Thank you Kevin, Becky, and Amy and all of Greek Peak for allowing us passage over Greek Peak terrain. The course would have been quite a bit more redundant without this possibility.
    2000 NYS Rt. 392
    Cortland, NY 13045