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2012 Race Reports
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Quotes from the race
  • "Note to ALL trail runners: When your course is littered with chairlifts, it's a solid sign that you've entered a really tough race.This section of the course was probably steeper and more relentless than anything I've ever run. This was absolute lung searing, leg crushing, chin scraping brutality."
    "The trail leveled off a bit and became more reasonable. It was still ridiculous by any normal standard, but more manageable nonetheless."
    - Kelly Agnew, 50 mile finisher
  • "There wasn’t much happening here except realizing how amazingly accurate the course details listed on the website were. They say 'Stay straight to follow white blazed Finger Lakes Trail to Babcock Hollow Rd. at 1.0 mile. (Note: Dog may be barking here, you’ll hear it from 0.75 mile in both directions…it sounds really really close but it's chained up, so don't mind that barking).' Lo and behold, I hear a dog barking."
    - Michael Bielik, 100 mile finisher